Arizona Fishing Report July 18th, 2014

The bite at Saguaro Lake is on and us along with other anglers are finding some quality fish both deep and shallow. The shallow water bass are mainly coming first thing in the morning or right before the sun goes down. Some of the more effective topwater lures have been the Rico, Buzzbait and Spook. I’m sure other topwater would be effective but just have’t tried anything else. The entire lake has been productive and fish are being caught at the main lake near Butcher Jones, in the canyon and through the river. Some of the key locations to target are areas that hold lots of grass and the rocky shoreline. I like to fish drop offs or ledges that have have lots of grass as these are two primary locations for bass to ambush their prey. When fishing these ledges, I like to use a drop shot with a 1/4 oz weight and a 6 inch Roboworm in Aaron’s Magic. I have been successful with other colors but this has been my primary color this time of year. One other thing I like to add to my drop shot is scent. I’m firm believer in scent and Baitmate is my scent of choice. If you don’t use this stuff, be sure to use some type of scent to give you that extra advantage. Continuing on with locations, the points outside of Skunk Wash have been producing this time of year. I found that the bite is about the same during the day and at night. Talking with some of the other Anglers, they have been using Texas rigged worms in green pumpkin and brown 1/2 oz jigs with great success.

When I feel a need to change I will then resort to the bank where I can find a combination of rock and grass. Once I locate this type area, I like to break out a Norman DD22 and start running a lot of shoreline. I feel that I have a better chance of catching fish when covering a lot more area with a reaction type bait then just staying in one spot. When the fish don’t find that crankbait attractive, I switch it up to a chatterbait to try and entice a bite. The chatterbait will produce a lot more vibration and displace more water to call those big fish in. I can fish an an are real hard with any one of these baits and the fish just wont eat and that’s when i decide it’s time to slow down. If I feel that there is fish in the area, I’ll turn the boat around and go back through with my drop shot. Most of the time when I do this, I will end of catching those fish that didn’t want to bite a fast moving bait.

Anthony Ybarra


Most of my fish today came on a crawdad imitation crankbait which I used to cover a lot of bank. Once I hit some areas with lots of grass I would throw a drop shot and work the area very slow. My suggestions if you are going out during the day or at night and want to catch fish, the drop shot will be your best bet. This technique is easy to use and is highly effective against these saguaro lake bass. On your next trip out, be safe, stay hydrated and have a good time.

Good Luck and Keep Crankin!

Anthony Ybarra & The Arizona Fishing Guides