Arizona Outdoor Adventures

Arizona Outdoor Adventures the Entire Family Can Enjoy

When you spend a lot of time indoors it’s easy to lose many of the benefits that nature has to offer. This is especially true when children are involved as they end up stagnated and they lose interest in the important things. Whether you live here or you are just passing through, the state of Arizona is full of activities to encourage people to step outside. Residents and their guests can pick from a slew of Arizona outdoor adventures to take advantage of for the current weather conditions.Visitors traveling through the Phoenix metro area should consider one of the following activities the next time they are in the state.

Staying Wet

The Verde river is considered wild and scenic, which is why it is a great place to begin your adventure. This is a 200-mile river that stretches like a huge anaconda through the state of Arizona. It is a rafting adventure that generally stays at a treacherous level two or three for most of the time. Adventure seekers from Phoenix can get on and off at various vantage points throughout the river. There are also several opportunities for the traveler to access the river for more than one day at a time.

The Salt River is another one of our rivers that offers some fun in the sun. Salt River Recreation provides tube rentals for the entire family and includes a free shuttle service from their facility to the river. If tubing isn’t your style and looking to go above and beyond, then Desert Splash Adventures could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

A Bikers Paradise

Most people who travel to Arizona don’t bring their bicycle with them. For those individuals who enjoy a good bike ride, it’s possible to rent a bicycle and ride around the city. IF it’s a standard bike or a full blown high performance cycle, Arizona Outback Adventures has a bike to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you are serious about taking part in some Arizona outdoor adventures, it might be time to consider hitting the trails at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Adventure seekers can join a tour and receive a first-hand look at some of the outside conditions in Arizona. Considering the fact that getting there will eat up about 45 minutes from the middle of Phoenix, it is a good idea to plan on staying awhile.

Riding the Range

Arizona has many open-air opportunities for you to smell the roses, or the horse manure, depending on how you look at it. Adventure seekers can travel about an hour outside of Phoenix to the famous Bumble Bee Ranch. Once there, they will be invited to mount a horse and explore some of the creeks and canyons in the area. This is a true western experience, and the fact that this location used to house a stagecoach outpost only makes it that much more interesting.

Losing Yourself

If you are serious about getting away from the city life and like the idea of getting lost, consider adding the South Mountain Park and Preserve to your list of adventures. This is certainly no walk in the park, unless you enjoy that kind of thing. Take a bike or consider a hike, but with more than sixty miles of trails to pick from, you could be there for a while. Make sure to let someone know where you’re going because when darkness falls things look a lot different.

Building a Relationship

Before you leave Arizona, you may want to stop by Saguaro Lake Ranch near the Saguaro Lake. This will be about a 40-minute drive from Phoenix, but it will be well worth your time. Whether you go for a day, or you make plans to stay a while, this adventure will remind you of why you enjoy being outside. As far as Arizona outdoor adventures go, this one will offer more than just the feeling of being a cowboy. The ranch also offers adventure seekers the chance to get in a kayak or tube and test out the Salt River.

Overall, I see there being a ton of things to do in Arizona and around the Phoenix Metro area.I  would like to hear some suggestions on adventures you experienced, so leave me a comment with some of your preferred ideas.