Gain an Advantage Over the Competition with Baitmate Fish Attractant

Catching fish can be daunting process when you don’t have the right equipment or when your not in the right spot. But once you know you’re on the hot spot and certain you have the right bait tied on, you can always use that extra edge. This is where Baitmate shines and will help you get the most out of your time on the water. There are many ways through which you can catch fish but the effectiveness of each method varies depending on the current conditions and bait selection. A case in point is the use of scientifically formulated fish attractants such as Baitmate. This company has created one of the best fish attractants which helps increase your chances of catching fish in any condition. This line of fish attractants have been bottled with various scents that are scientifically engineered to entice fish to bite. The variety of scents vary depending on the kind of fish you are targeting and the water you are fishing. Their line of attractants include Classic, Live, Max and their easy to use dip jars. No matter which line you choose, you’ll always have an advantage over the competition with Baitmate.

Anthony Ybarra

Baitmate is formulated with powerful oils which fish can’t resist hence, making them the most effective scent on the shelves. In order to get the full effect of this special formula, a quick shake of the bottle is suggested before spraying. The scent has added sparkle which gives it that unique feature and also added benefit to attract more and bigger fish. Another unique feature Baitmate has added is a removable cap that helps prevent spills.  Any one of their scents is potent and strong enough to trigger the most finicky fish. They have gone above and beyond to price their attractants which make it affordable for any angler to purchase.

It is important to note that this product is not a miracle spray but will increase your chances of catching fish when applied. With the sparkle that baitmate has added, it’s encouraged that you shake the contents thoroughly to get the most out of this product. Since being introduced to this product a couple months ago by Pro Staffer Ron Johnson, I’m now a firm believer scents do work. Before this product, I was skeptical on the different scents available and really never had success with any of them. But from now on, I can guarantee you that Baitmate Fish Attract will be in my boat and applied regularly. If your interested in getting a bottle of Baitmate click on their image below to buy it through Amazon. It’s also sold at vaious retail stores like Walmart. So pick up a bottle and try it our for yourself. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

Good Luck and Keep Crankin!

Anthony Ybarra