Canyon Lake

The Beauty of Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake AZFor people who love to enjoy the amenities of a lake, Canyon Lake AZ is one of Arizona’s most pristine lakes that is perfect for vacationers. Nestled in the canyons of Arizona, this lake offers Phoenix residents and people from all across the country a great place to experience the wilds of Arizona with such pleasant surroundings.

The lake is part of a man made waterway that branched off to create a reservoir in 1925 and has been delighting area residents and providing water resources for over three quarters of a century. With over 950 acres of open water, it is the perfect spot for vacationers to the region. Canyon Lake AZ, is situated just 50 miles east of Phoenix and is fed naturally by the water system of the Salt River.

The lake and all its camping, boating and recreational areas is located within the Superstition Wilderness of Tonto National Forest. The hiking, camping and boating are all managed by the United States Forest Service. The lake also has a marina for people to launch and dock their boats from that is privately owned and operated.One of the four lake systems in the Salt River area, Canyon Lake has become a popular tourist stop situated along the Apache Trail route. It is near Apache Junction, in Arizona.

Canyon Lake offers boat rentals, a lakeside restaurant and cantina, great camping sites for both RV travelers and tent campers. The campground has a great store for all those extra needed supplies, and the campground is open year round. Prices for camping does vary depending on the time of year, but with advanced notice even peak season during the winter months has availability.

The Dolly SteamboatThe lake is also home to the states famous steamboat “The Dolly”. The Dolly is a narrative steam boat cruise around beautiful Canyon Lake. The Dolly offers many amenities including their popular twilight dinner cruise. Visit The Dolly website to purchase your tickets online and to learn more about their famous experience.


For people who love hiking, Canyon Lake AZ has ample hiking trails that offer beautiful and majestic scenery especially nearing sunset when the beautiful colors of the sky set over the waters of the lake. There is ample wildlife in the are as well. For people who enjoy bird watching, the area is well known to be part of the great North American migration route for many species of birds. In addition, there is also plenty of deer, big horn sheep and coyote to fascinate vacationers if they come upon them in their travels. As with all wilderness hiking, there are usually words of caution in the region for certain area to be careful in and wildlife to be concerned with. Speaking with the officials within the campground or Federal rangers in the region can alert hikers to any concerns that could arise during their adventure.

Whether booking a fishing trip with The Arizona Fishing Guides, a weekend getaway of a week long stay, Canyon Lake AZ offers the perfect location for people to take in majestic views, enjoy the beautiful waterways and relax and enjoy all that the region has to offer for the outdoor traveler. For vacationers who wish to stay for the week, there are plenty of other tourist sites in the area that are fascinating to visit. 

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