Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake, Our Most Popular Fishery

Saguaro LakeSaguaro Lake is 45 minutes east of Scottsdale and 41 miles from the heart of Phoenix. This lake is surrounded by saguaro cactus, hence the name Saguaro Lake. The lake is a great place for families to visit and just enjoy a great day on the water. The lake provides many activities for families to enjoy. Butcher Jones and Bagley Flats recreational sites are two of the most popular sites to visit when on saguaro lake. Both of these sites have restrooms and picnic areas with BBQ’s for your entertainment off the water. If you are adventuresome, you can make a trip down to Skunk Wash and enjoy the nice beach area next to the lake. 

This lake is not only known for it being a great fishery but also has some great wildlife that you’ll enjoy. Throughout he year, there are times where Bighorn Sheep and bald eagles can be seen at various spots on the lake. Having an encounter with one of these beautiful creatures can make for some great pictures.

Bighorn SheepBald Eagle

During our full day trips, our clients love to take a break and grab a bite to eat at the Lakeshore Restaurant located at the marina. The restaurant is located so that you have a scenic view of the lake while you enjoy you food. The restaurant is open seven days a week and offers a diversified menu for everyone’s taste.  If you’re looking for refreshing and healthy lunch, I recommend the Summer Salad. This will give you the fulfillment and energy you need to enjoy the rest of your day on the lake. The restaurant also has a convenience store with ice and refreshments. 

Saguaro Lake also has the enjoyment of boat rentals and their famous cruise boat the Desert Belle. The Desert Belle is ta narrated cruise providing a plethora of information of the lake. During the cruise a concession bar is opened providing beer, wine and other assorted refreshments. For more information and to purchase tickets online visit the Desert Belle website.

Desert Belle Cruise Boat
Desert Belle Cruise Boat

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