Taking Fishing Fashion to the Next Level with Under Armour

IMG_4007.JPGAs a bass angler, it’s not all about the rods, reels and tackle we use but also the clothing we wear. Professional and weekend anglers know that when out on the water, its important to be comfortable and no better way than with Under Armour. I been a fan of the Under Armour brand for years and was extremely excited when they introduced their fishing line. Their fishing apparel has the same high quality and comfort as their other products but with that touch for the addicted angler.This is exactly why Under Armour has become such a staple in my wardrobe, on and off the water. They’ve created clothing that can fight the elements of hot and cold climates, while simultaneously being comfortable. Take a look at my top three Under Armour recommendations to wear on the water or when casually out on the town.


UA Storm Armour Fleece Big Logo Men’s Hoodie

This hoodie will not only keep you warm with its extra heat-trapping layer, but the fabric is designed in such a way that it prevents water from soaking in so rain, snow or boat spray won’t reach your skin. This hoodie fits loose for comfort and style.

Price: $54.99

Colors: 17 color variations

Sizes: SM to 3XL (Tall Options)


UA Fish Hook Logo Men’s Fishing Short Sleeve T-Shirt

For this t-shirt, they’ve offered an angler twist to the standard Under Armour logo by using a fishhook design to create the original shape, making it a ‘must-have’ for those of us who love fishing. The scientifically designed Charged Cotton fabric is created to be loose fitting, lightweight and created with the technology to wick sweat away from the body and keep you dry.

Price: $24.99

Colors: Gray, White, Battle (Green), Deceit (Blue)

Sizes: SM to 3XL


UA Iso-Chill Element Shirt Men’s Fishing Long Sleeve

The long-sleeve shirt has a built in sun protection technology that is rated at 30+ UPF. On top of providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun, this garment also prevents overheating by regulating body heat, so your temperature stays at a comfortable level. The fabric is stain resistant, requiring no need to change clothes for any post-fishing stops.

Price: $49.99

Colors: Ceylon (Blue), Gray

Sizes: SM to 3XL


Fitting not too tight or too lose, Under Armour has paid close attention to the cuts of the fabric across all of their designs, resulting in apparel that isn’t only useful but serves anglers of all levels. Another perk of the Under Armour clothing line is the vast size range with the majority being available in small to 3XL, while certain items are available in sizes up to 5XL. They also offer Tall sizing in many items including the Fish Hook Logo t-shirt so all sizes of anglers can find comfortable fishing apparel.

Thanks for taking time the time to read my post and until next time, get out on the water and Rip-Some-Lips!